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DIY Excavator Rental Guide for Southeast WI

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Mini excavator & backhoe rentals near Milwaukee

Preparing for a big dig? Ditch the shovels and move soil fast with a mini excavator from Area Rental. We offer delivery and pick-up from our locations in New Berlin and Delafield.

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What are mini excavators used for?

Egress windows: Create space for a window in your basement or cellar.

Landscaping: Use a mini excavator to dig ditches and trenches, remove stumps, dig ponds, and plant trees.

Demolition: Knock down and haul away small structures, concrete, bricks, and more. 

Pool installation: Create the foundation for an in-ground pool.

9 ft. Mini Excavator rentals for southeast WI

Best mini excavators & backhoes for homeowners

We have four options for homeowners looking for a mini excavator rental in Wisconsin. For large construction jobs, consider our 9’9” Excavator with Grapple. This unit features a hydraulic “thumb” for picking up logs and rocks. For smaller jobs, consider the 5’8” mini excavator for easy maneuverability. For a more multipurpose machine, we offer the Kubota Compact Loader/Backhoe.

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