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9′ Mini Excavator Rental

  • Rated power output: 26.4
  • Max digging Reach: 15FT 4 IN
  • Max Digging Depth: 8FT 6 IN
  • Operating Weight: 6358 LBS
4 Hours


9′ Mini Excavator Available For Rent In Southeast Wisconsin

Choose from our Kubota KX61-2 or our John Deere 27D 9 ft. mini excavator rental to best complete your landscaping or construction projects. With lightweight bodies and foot-wide rubber tracks, these backhoes have excellent mobility over most terrains. Our 9 ft. mini excavator rental boasts a 9-foot digging depth, 12-foot maximum dump height, and 15.3-foot maximum outreach, these excavators offer an excellent working zone that is right for your job. Due to the compact frame, and 2.55-foot tail turn radius you can complete your jobs quickly and efficiently even in tight spaces. The 18-inch bucket-loader allows you to take large scoops to finish your job faster. These options make our 9′ mini excavators an ideal rental choice for your landscaping or construction project, from the job site to the backyard. Sure, their compact sizes and reduced- or zero-tail-swing designs enable these small but mighty machines to specialize in close-quarters work. But that’s not the only reason to run one. The compact format of these mini excavators makes them easy to trailer and transport, highly fuel-efficient, direct-injected diesels are noticeably quiet so you can put them to work almost anywhere, any time. 

Whether you need a bigger or smaller machine for your job know that we have you covered! Be sure to check out our other Mini Excavator rentals to find the perfect fit for your job.

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  John Deere 27D  Kubota KX61-2 
Digging Depth  8.58 ft  9 ft 
Max Dump Height  10.4 ft  11.9 ft 
Digging Outreach  15.3 ft  14.4 ft 
Digging Force  4994  3860 lbs. 
Tail Swing Radius  2.55 ft  4 ft 
Ground Pressure  3.9 PSI  4.7 PSI 
Weight  6394 lbs.  5910 lbs. 
Transport Length  13.8 ft.  14.9 ft. 
Transport Width  5.1 ft.  4.6 ft. 
Transport Height  8.1 ft.  8.1 ft. 
Fuel Type  Diesel   Diesel 

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