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Carpet Installation & Cleaning Equipment

Area Rental carries all the equipment needed for carpet installation, cleaning and removal projects. Carpet cleaners, blowers, knee kickers, stretchers and more are available for rent from our New Berlin and Delafield locations.
Browse our other contractor equipment rentals for both professional and DIY projects in southern WI. Call or message us to rent throughout southeast WI and ask us about your delivery options.

Carpet cleaner & soil extractor rentals near Milwaukee

Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
  • 5.75 horsepower
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • 12 ft power cord
  • 8ft hose

Call For Price

Awesome floor dryer. Blows large volume of air across floor.
  • Great for drying out wet carpets, floors, and basements.
4 Hours – $18.00
Daily – $26.00
Weekly – $80.00
Monthly – $300.00
  • Weighs approximately 40lbs.
  • Powerful vacuum also works when vacuuming carpet after flooding issue.
  • Cleaning solution is available for an additional charge
4 Hours – $26.00
Daily – $38.00
Weekly – $155.00
Monthly – $450.00
Tool designed to cut and trim up excess carpet as it is laid out.  
4 Hours – $8.00
Daily – $8.00
Weekly – $20.00
Monthly – $58.00
This Carpet Knee Kicker is used to stretch small segments of carpeting. For a large room use the carpet stretcher.  
4 Hours – $10.00
Daily – $10.00
Weekly – $28.00
Monthly – $70.00
Used to heat up seaming tape to glue down carpet seams  
4 Hours – $10.00
Daily – $10.00
Weekly – $28.00
Monthly – $70.00
  • Weight: 95 lbs. 
  • Vacuum Motor: Dual 2-stage 
  • Solution Tank: 10 gallons 
  • Recovery Tank: 8 gallons 
4 Hours – $58.00
Daily – $70.00
Weekly – $255.00
Monthly – $650.00
Used to stretch out new carpet in a large room
  • May need to consider a knee kicker for small areas and/or closets
  • We also rent seaming irons and tuck tools
  • Comes in its own hard plastic carrying case.
4 Hours – $24.00
Daily – $24.00
Weekly – $72.00
Monthly – $215.00

Carpeted areas with high foot traffic will wear out prematurely without regular cleanings. Dirt, dust and grime build up in carpet fibers, resulting in a matted-down appearance and a worn, flat feel. A heavy-duty soil extractor or portable carpet cleaner removes contaminates from fibers to extend the life of your carpet. You’ll also benefit from improved health and air quality by removing bacteria, dust mites and allergens that can cause or worsen breathing problems. Make sure to dry out your freshly washed carpet with a carpet blower rental to avoid mold and mildew growth.
Area Rental of New Berlin and Delafield is southeast WI’s one-stop-shop for contractor equipment rentals. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for equipment rental updates!

Questions? Call us today to speak with a carpeting equipment rental specialist or send us a message with the details of your project.

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