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Rent an Air Compressor

Area Rental has a wide selection of Air Compressor Rentals to choose from. We offer gas or electric powered air compressor rentals to the Milwaukee/New Berlin area. Area Rental also offers a sullair air hammer. Air compressors can be used for powering a wide variety of tools, including roofing nailers, air hammers, and other pneumatic tools.

1HP Rolair Air Compressor

Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
Small 1.0 hp compressor that is capable of running 3.2 CFM @ 100PSI.
  • Handles most nail guns, recharging wells, and small spray guns
  • Weighs 39lbs
  • 17” L X 16” W X 15” H

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The 8hp air compressor will deliver 15.3CFM at 100PSI. This compressor works best to provide air for our small sandblaster, nail guns, etc.
  • Comes with 100 ft. of air hose
  • 9 gal tank
  • Weighs 286lbs
  • 46” L X 28” W X 35” H
4 Hours – $38.00
Daily – $50.00
Weekly – $195.00
Monthly – $520.00
  • Hammer requires roughly 75cfm to operate
  • Will operate with our 185 compressor which is an additional charge
  • Air hose connection type – Chicago fitting

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