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Mini Excavator Rental 5’8″

  • Gross Engine Output: 10.3 Hp/2050 rpm 
  • Bucket width: 12” 
  • Max. Breakout Force – Bucket: 2,200 lbs. 
  • Operating Weight (including 175 lb operator weight): 2200 lbs. 
4 Hours


5’8″ Mini Excavator Rentals

Our brand-new Kubota K-008-3 mini excavator rental is the perfect choice for any earth moving rentals. This is ideal for people who needs a light, compact, easy to transport digging equipment. This mini excavator rental packs power into a small frame. This Kubota Mini Excavator has over 1000 lbs of lifting capacity, and a 12 inch bucket. A digging radius of 9’ 11”, max digging height of 9’ 5”, and max digging depth of 5’8” means that this mini backhoe rental gives you a surprising amount of versatility for its size. That small size also makes this unit easy to trailer and tow to your jobsite. All of this makes the K-008 Kubota Mini Excavator the perfect unit for do-it-yourselfers or contractors picking up a small job. 

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  • Track: Rubber 
  • Gross Engine Output: 10.3 Hp/2050 rpm 
  • Engine Displacement: 44 cu. in. 
  • Length: 9’0″ 
  • Height: 7″4″ 
  • Width: 2″10″/2’4″ 
  • Bucket width: 12” 
  • Min. Ground Clearance: 5.9″ 
  • Hydraulic Pump Capacity: 5.55 gpm 
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow: 5.55 gpm 
  • Max. Breakout Force – Bucket: 2,200 lbs. 
  • Max. Breakout Force – Arm: 1,010 lbs. 
  • Travel Speed: 1.2 /2/5 mph 
  • Max. Traction Force: 1695 lbs. 
  • Tumbler Distance: 2″11″ ft. in. 
  • Crawler Length: 4’0″ ft. in. 
  • Shoe Width: 7.1″ 
  • Ground Contact Pressure: 3.55 psi 
  • Unit Swing Speed: 8.3 rpm 
  • Boom Swing Angles – Left/Right: 55°/60° 
  • Blade Width: 2’4″/2″10″ 
  • Blade Height: 7.9″ 
  • Max. Lift Above Ground: 7.9″ 
  • Max. Drop Below Ground: 7.1″ 
  • Hydraulic Oil (Reservoir/System): 3.30/4.49 gal 
  • Fuel Reservoir: 3.17 gal 
  • Operating Weight (including 175 lb operator weight): 2200 lbs. 

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