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Three Best Posthole Digger Rentals for Homeowners

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Post-hole digger rentals in southeast Wisconsin

Need to install a series of posts? Ditch the shovel and save time with a post-hole digger from Area Rental. We offer three types of post-hole diggers: manual, towable, and 2-man.

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Post hole augur rentals - New Berlin & Delafield

Types of post-hole diggers

Manual post-hole diggers are ideal for simple jobs, where only a few holes need to be dug. Their lightweight design makes them cheaper than other options. However, they require a bit of elbow grease.

Towable post-hole diggers are ideal for jobs where multiple holes need to be dug over long distances, like fence posts along a property line. Their easy maneuverability means you won’t throw your back out going from post to post.

2-man post-hole diggers are ideal for large-scale jobs, with augers that go as deep as 24”. The two-handle setup allows for maximum accuracy when digging post holes.

Best post-hole diggers for homeowners

Ready to get digging? Contact our experts to determine the right-sized post-hole digger for the job.


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