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Augers & Manual Clamps

Our post hole diggers are reliable and perfect for installations of fences, railings and other posts. Gas powered post hole diggers come in two-man hand-operated and tow-behind designs that use augers to remove earth. Manual post hole diggers use a simple clamp design to trap earth and pull it from the hole. Projects involving many posts, such as installing fencing or new neighborhood mailboxes, may benefit from Mini Skid Steer Rentals with auger attachments instead.

Need help? Check out our DIY post-hole digger rental guide or contact an equipment rental specialist for advice on your project.

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Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
  • Can be used with rocky, frozen soil
  • Max 235 RMP auger speed
  • Max 2700 PSI pressure
4 Hours – $46.00
Daily – $75.00
Weekly – $225.00
Monthly – $575.00
  • Auger speed 180 RPM @ 3600 engine RPM, (no load)
  • 150 ft. lbs. torque
  • 7/8" square auger drive
  • 24” extension is available as an add on
4 Hours – $65.00
Daily – $92.00
Weekly – $230.00
Monthly – $1,100.00
  • 2” ball required
  • Augers available 4”, 6", 8" & 12"
  • 2’ extension available for addition depth
  • Unit weighs 575lbs
  • This unit has reverse on the auger which is helpful in rocky conditions
4 Hours – $90.00
Daily – $115.00
Weekly – $275.00
Monthly – $695.00
  • Works well for rocky ground compared to the manual twist style digger.
  • Cushioned grips for comfort
4 Hours – $6.00
Daily – $9.00
Weekly – $16.00
Monthly – $80.00

Both manual and gas powered post hole diggers create round holes in tightly packed earth to support posts, poles and beams. Manual post hole diggers are ideal for installing one or only a few posts at a time, thanks to their ease of use and lower cost. Gas powered augers are better for medium to large jobs and when you have more than one person drilling holes. Gas powered diggers can create larger holes than manual ones, making them great for planting trees and shrubbery.

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