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Top 10 ideal locations for wedding

All over the world, wedding is considered as one of the most important ceremonies in our life. Both bride and groom spend most of their time preparing for the wedding day. Everything from wedding parties, invitation letters, wedding rings to photographs is carefully concerned several months in advance. For a meaningful wedding, many couples wish to choose romantic landscapes which are well-known for immortal love story. It can be seen that Verona in Italy, hometown of Romeo and Juliet love or Casablanca in Morocco associated with the classic romantic movie are typical examples. Here is a list of ten ideal places for wedding.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is known for its carnival celebrations, samba and romantic beaches


Casablanca, Morocco, is famous for the classic romantic film with the same name


Stratford, England, is a peaceful town where Shakespeare was born


Prague, Czech Republic, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe


Verona, Italy is regarded as “the city of love” with its artistic heritage, annual fairs, shows, and operas


Provence, France with fields of lavender


Cologne, Germany is home of many festivals and sparkling churches at night


Obidos, Portugal, attracts couples around the world for its well-preserved mediaeval look


Athens, Greece, land of the attractive myths


Jeju Island, Korea, love paradise for couples



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