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Cheap Wedding Planning – How to Save Thousands on Your Dream Wedding

Most of us don’t like using the word “cheap” with the word wedding. It’s suppose to do be your special day. So why should it be cheap? Unfortunately, most of us aren’t rich enough to spend $ 20,000, $ 30,000, or more on our wedding. With a little creativity and few compromises you can have a gorgeous wedding that really can be cheap.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can save money on your wedding.

Decide On The Size Of Your Wedding

Your wedding doesn’t have to be small to fit into a small budget. You may need to adjust the day of the week of the wedding, the time of the day, the menu, and the locations to fit a large guest list into your budget. The other option is to just cut the guest list for a more upscale wedding for those who do attend. This is ultimately up to you.

Cut Back On The Wedding Dress

Allot of brides hate this idea, but it is one the best ways to save money. Why? Because your not going to wear that dress ever again. If you shop for clearances or shop online you can find some great dresses for under $ 200. Another option is to buy a simple dress. A simple dress could be made fancier by someone with the right skills.

Make Your Own Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are not the most important part of your wedding. Some brides are even choosing to skip them all together. I wouldn’t bother skipping them because you can make your own cheap. All you really need to do is get some cheap favor boxes and put a sweet treat inside.

Think Colors And Meanings For Flowers

Most people think of flowers in terms of certain types. For example, they want a wedding full of roses. This limits the flexibility of finding flowers that will fit into your budget. A better option is to focus on the colors and the meanings of the flowers. This gives you much more flexibility for finding the flowers that are the cheapest and in season.

Have A Winter Wedding

A wedding in December can be very gorgeous and will save you money compared to a summer wedding. If your in a warm climate the weather will probably be less of a concern for you. However, if you are in a cold climate you might not want a wedding when there is snow on the ground.

Would you like to learn how to save thousands of dollars off your wedding? Would you like a cheap wedding that doesn’t look or feel cheap?

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