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Suggestions For Popular Wedding Favors

Weddings are special events that require attention to details and truly preparing everything for the pleasure of the couple and every guest. While it may be difficult to please everyone and takes everyone’s suggestions into consideration, you can incorporate those ideas that are fool-proof, popular and are sure to please a majority of your guests.

For wedding favors, you can choose to have those items that are popular and well-loved to ensure that most of your guests, if not all, will appreciate these tokens of gratitude. Here are some ideas for popular wedding favors that your guests will be sure to love:

– Edible favors – Because they give instant gratification, edible favors are popular and they are enjoyed by all guests – of all ages and from both male and female guests. Pastries are more popular because they have a longer shelf life. If you know how to bake simple pastry creations such as brownies, cookies or cupcakes, you can make your own wedding favors that while you are able to save on cost. It can give you that opportunity to show your guests your skills in the kitchen and show that you do exert effort and time in making your favors special.

– Drinks – Wines, whether half bottle or in miniature bottles are also appreciated. If you have a unique drink recipe, you can also make it yourself and fill the bottles with your special blend. Print out a personalized label and attach it to the bottle as well.

– Candles – These are popular because they are easily personalized and customizable, and they are just simply cute while being practical at the same time. This is also another favor that you can prepare yourself. You can mold the wax into whatever shape you want and use any color that you please. You can also get candles cheaply at the store, and just insert them into a bag or box with a personalized tag or label. Remember that you favors don’t have to be expensive – it is the presentation that counts.

– Seedlings – These favors symbolize hope and growth and there are seedlings that are applicable in any condition and will grow according to the locale you are in. They are also cute, and you can pack a few pieces of them in small packets. They are also inexpensive, and you can personalize the packets or sachets as well.

You can pack these wedding party favors in equally beautiful and popular packaging such as wedding favor boxes or small organza bags. Choose a box or bag that is in the same shade or in a shade that will complement your wedding motif or the favor.

These favors are popular because of good reasons – they’re useful, lovely, and some of them are also delicious. More importantly, these favors are never out of style because they also symbolize hope, love and living the good life. You can never go wrong in choosing favors that have already been tested and accepted at many weddings.

Criss White is a professional article writer for bridal, wedding, and various other topics. To view some wedding favors, or to get more planning tips and wedding ideas visit Bridal and Wedding Favors. Note: This article may be reprinted in your ezine, blog, or website as long as the credits remain intact and hyperlinks remain active.

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