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Top 10 ideal locations for wedding

All over the world, wedding is considered as one of the most important ceremonies in our life. Both bride and groom spend most of their time preparing for the wedding day. Everything from wedding parties, invitation letters, wedding rings to photographs is carefully concerned several months in advance. For a meaningful wedding, many couples wish […]

Cheap Wedding Planning – How to Save Thousands on Your Dream Wedding

Most of us don’t like using the word “cheap” with the word wedding. It’s suppose to do be your special day. So why should it be cheap? Unfortunately, most of us aren’t rich enough to spend $ 20,000, $ 30,000, or more on our wedding. With a little creativity and few compromises you can have […]

Suggestions For Popular Wedding Favors

Weddings are special events that require attention to details and truly preparing everything for the pleasure of the couple and every guest. While it may be difficult to please everyone and takes everyone’s suggestions into consideration, you can incorporate those ideas that are fool-proof, popular and are sure to please a majority of your guests. […]

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