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Lawn Aerators ? How to Buy the Perfect One for you

Lawn aerators are extremely important tools to help in the maintenance of lawns, whether they are big or small. They work on the principle that the soil needs to have holes made in it so that nutrients, air and water can find their way inside as a result of which the roots of the lawn grass can absorb them easily and result in a healthy looking lawn. The process of aeration helps to relieve the lawn from compaction that occurs due to heavy use and it prevents your lawn from looking thin, brown, or matted. There are different types of aerators that you could select from based upon your requirements. Some aerators result in very small holes in the lawn whereas others create deep holes with larger circumference. They are also available in a wide range of costs and efficiency. Another factor that you should take into account before buying them is the frequency of use they will be put to. You can go for a smaller lawn aerator if you plan to use it on your lawn only. You will need a larger one capable of heavy duty work if you own a lawn maintenance business. The type of soil your lawn is growing on is another important factor to be considered, as is the type of grass you have growing. Tightly matted grass needs heavy duty aeration, as does clayey soil because it tends to be very compact and does not permit good drainage. The smallest ones that you will find in the market are lawn aerator shoes. These are shoes that have specially designed spikes on the sole that you can wear while walking all over the lawn. Your body weight will help to push the spikes inside the soil and aerate the soil. This method is best only if you have a small lawn and can easily walk all over it. Many people use these shoes as a means of getting exercise while looking after their lawn and the lawn can easily be aerated a few times a week without too much trouble. A hand aerator is also very popular with home owners who like to look after a small patch of lawn. A liquid lawn aerator is another option, and the chemicals it contains help to create the necessary aeration in the soil. Many people find this very convenient but it is not suitable for people who are running lawn maintenance businesses. A machine core aerator is most appropriate if you run such a business or if you have a large lawn that you wish to work on only once or twice a year. It is also an option if your lawn encounters a lot of traffic and gets damaged very easily. This kind of machine leaves large holes in your lawn but they are quickly filled over. Selecting lawn aerators is a very easy task these days since it is possible to go online and make detailed comparisons of the various options available before actually selecting one.

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