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The 5 Best Wood Chippers for Home Use

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Advantages of using a wood chipper

Wood chippers are a vital tool if you need to dispose of wood fast. Shredding limbs, branches, and trunks into woodchips makes them easier to manage and transport, saving time, money, and manpower. Wood chips can then be repurposed into mulch to control weeds, moisture and temperature in your gardens and landscaping.

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Choosing the right size wood chipper for the job

When it comes to wood chippers, size matters. Bigger is not necessarily better. Smaller wood chippers are easier to maneuver and cheaper to operate. When a wood chipper is too small however, you risk having to cut down logs to get them to fit.

Pro tip: Measure the log at its widest diameter and choose the woodchipper that is just big enough to handle its width.

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Why rent a wood chipper?

If you’re a DIY weekend warrior looking to lay waste to a few branches in your yard, you almost certainly don’t need to buy a new wood chipper. Why spend $2,000 or more on a new wood chipper from a big box store when you can rent one from Area Rental & Sales for a fraction of the price? Our experts will show you how to operate the machine and give you a brief safety demonstration so you can tackle your big project safely.

Best wood chipper for homeowners

When selecting a wood chipper, it all comes down to the diameter of trees you’ll be working with. Most homeowners should look first at the smaller options, as these are easier to maneuver and require less gas to run. Your neighbors will also thank you, as these models don’t produce as much sound as our larger models.

Pro-tip: Don’t let your woodchips go to waste! Repurpose them into mulch or compost for your garden. Woodchips provide a natural barrier for weeds and give your landscaping a fresh, natural look.

Best wood chipper for making mulch

All wood chippers will turn your trees into mulch, but there are a few things you should consider. 
  • For uniform mulch, remove twigs and leaves 
  • For more nutritious mulch, leave those twigs and leaves in! 
  • For finer mulch, feed your first round of mulch back into the wood chipper a second time 
  • For nice smelling much, mix a bag or two of cedar chips into your woodchipper

Best wood chipper for small farm

If you have wood piling up on your farm and need to get rid of it quickly, renting a wood chipper might be the move. Create garden mulch, kindling for a fire pit, or chips that can be used for woodworking projects.


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