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Gasoline & electric chainsaws

Area rental carries gasoline and electric chainsaws in various bar lengths at both of our locations in New Berlin and Delafield. Our chainsaw rentals include commercial-grade machines from Stihl and Homelite. We carry chainsaws with 14”, 20” and 28” bars to make short work of any commercial or residential jobs.

Stihl chainsaw rentals from New Berlin & Delafield

Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
Go big with our commercial grade Stihl MS 661 28” chainsaw. If you need to get a lot of tree work done fast, look no further than our Stihl MS 661. This saw features an impressive power-to-weight ratio making this the ideal saw for large jobs. This saw has a decompression valve, allowing the engine to vent while pulling to start, reducing the force required to start this machine.
  • Head Weight: 16.8 lbs. 
  • Engine: 7.2 HP 
  • Fuel Capacity: 825cc 
  • Bar Length: 28” 
4 Hours – $48.00
Daily – $75.00
Weekly – $270.00
Monthly – $560.00
With a simple pull of the ripcord, Felling trees, cutting firewood and  cleanup after the storm just got a whole lot easier.
  • 20" gas powered chain saw w/ one new chain.
  • One can of mixed gas is given with rental
4 Hours – $44.00
Daily – $65.00
Weekly – $240.00
Monthly – $500.00

The best type and size of chainsaw will depend on the diameter of the lumber you are needing to cut as well as the job you are trying to accomplish. For small jobs such as pruning small limbs or removing bushes, an electric chainsaw is a perfect choice. Jobs that involve prolonged use cutting wet or dense wood will require a gasoline-powered machine. The size of the bar you choose will be dependent on the diameter of the logs you are intending to cut.

Call today to speak with a lawn and garden tool specialist or send us a message with the details of your project.

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