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The Wedding Song

The Wedding Song

You will want wedding reception music and ceremony music. Ceremony music and reception music can be used for the Prelude, Processional, Bridal March, Interlude, Recessional, First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Cutting the Cake and for the Bouquet Toss.


You may want music as people enter the church. Generally this is soft background music, for example a classical guitar. This is music that sets the scene so that the guests know that the ceremony is about to begin.


Music as the bridal party begins the walk, perhaps a guitar and vocals.

Bridal March:

It has become more popular to do away with the traditional “bridal march” and instead play music that is more meaningful to the couple. e.g.” If I Ain’t Got You- Alicia Keys”. Or follow the popular trend and dance down the aisle. What about, “Ain’t No Other Man- Christina Aguilera”.


Traditionally music played just after the prayer or the lighting of the candle; perhaps, a solo clarinet.


Music that is played as the newly married couple leave the church. This is usually a very upbeat/celebratory number, “I Feel Good- James Brown”.

Wedding Reception Music

When choosing your wedding reception music, you must remember that you have guests. Not everyone will want to listen to Metallica or Tom Waits for the entire time. Make sure that the music you play is diverse, and will appeal to everyone.

Generally if you are hiring a wedding band, they will provide you with their set list. If your favourite song is not there the band can usually learn it for you, at an extra cost.

It is becoming popular nowadays to run the wedding reception to this schedule:

Hors d’oeuvre: As guests gather and socialize (sometimes while you are having your photo taken) jazz music will play in the background.

Dinner/Speeches: Again it has become fashionable to intersperse the speeches with sets of jazz music, progressing to pop/rock tunes towards dessert.

1st dance wedding songs: The bridal couple will take to the floor, with their personal special number. This can then be followed by the father/daughter or mother/son dance

Party Music: Once the cake has been cut, the party music comes out in force. There should be a good mix of classics and modern tunes, to get everyone off their feet and dancing.

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