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Interview Preparation

Preparation for interview is a technical and logical process, which requires a step wise approach rather than doing normal talks. The following question may probably asked by the interviewer during the interview possible answers are also given to give an overview of the type of question may be asked and the possible answers to those questions.

Q- What are your strengths and weaknesses? Think of few illustrations for each
and think of how your weaknesses could be turned into strength.
Q- If your friends were to describe your personality what would they say about
Q- What are your ambitions/future plans? Talk about your progression in the
next coming years, for example: finish your degree, get a job, improve your
knowledge, climb up the ladder.
Q- Why are you interested in working for our company? To give a fair answer to this question you should have done some research on the company such as on the website, media reviews etc. Talk about their strengths (pick out key words from their company mission
statement/description), the kind of company i.e.: international, the environment.
This is your chance test on, show them that you have a good knowledge of what they
do, and how you think this suits your qualifications and ambitions.
Q-Why do you think you should get the job/what do you have to offer our
Company? Talk about your skills and relate them to your work experience and
how you can adapt them to the new role.

The candidate must also ask few questions during the interview to know the job profile, nature of work and culture of the organisation the following question can be asked by the candidate during his/her interview.
• What will be my responsibilities?
• Who will I report to?
• Who are you customers?
• What will my salary/expenses be?
• What training will you provide?

Prior to your interview, it is also necessary that the candidate have read the job description. Go through each aspect and think about how and why you match the requirements. You should not just stipulate that you have good communication skills or strong organisation skills’.

Remember the following worthy points
• Make sure you dress smartly
• Beware of clammy hands for first handshake
• Be polite, make polite conversation
• Speak in a confident voice and manner

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