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Wedding Photography – Your Essential Checklist Before Booking the Photographer

Choosing the right photographer is very important and is a decision that must not be taken lightly. On the wedding day this is the one person that you are most likely to spend lots of time with and it is essential that you get along very well. If you are stressed or uncomfortable around the photographer it will show on the photographs and it will ruin your day that is designed to be so special.

One of the main reason of meeting the photographer in advance is to make sure you can work with him and that he is able to deliver the style you are looking for. Try and interview at least three photographers before you decide on the one you are going to book. Make your research the soonest possible; the sooner the better as good photographers tend to be fully booked quit early. Use recommendations from friends, family or colleagues who worked with him or her in the past.

This checklist has created to help you find the photographer who best suits your style and avoid spending time and money on things that you don’t really want or you can not afford to buy:

– What is their style? Contemporary, traditional or reportage
– Do they use digital camera?
– Do they visit the venue before hand if they haven’t work their before in order to get an idea on the location?
– How many hours do they work?
– How much they charge for overtime?
– Do they charge travelling costs?
– In the price is VAT included?
– Will they be the ones that they will show up on the wedding day or they are going to send someone else?
– Ask to see previous weddings, not a few shots but the whole wedding album.
– Is it possible to get references?
– How soon after the wedding will they be able to provide the samples
– Who has the copyright?
– Does the price include any reprints?
– What happens if he gets ill on the day? Does a back up plan exist?
– How do their fees work, per shot of per package?
– Ask for a breakdown of the cost; does it include the album?
– What is their payment plan? How much deposit is required and when the full payment is due?
– Do they have insurance?

Meet the photographer at least three times before the wedding day. Let them know what you would like and what your style is. Provide a list with the must have shots and appoint a family member of one of your bridesmaids to help the photographer with the family and group shots. It will save him time and it will save you money. Try to find ways to make the day as easy as possible and avoid adding stress to an already stressful day.

Penelope Vasiliou-Magoulianiti is the founder of Penelope’s Exclusive Weddings; a company specialising in organising weddings in London and in Cyprus.

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