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The Reason For Your Wedding

Is there a reason you are thinking about getting married?

Do you really want a fancy wedding/nuptial/wedding ceremony with all the trimmings?

I don’t mean to preach, but did you know the book of Genesis reveals a really great view of the first wedding/nuptial/wedding ceremony and marriage.

In beginning God created Like Him men and women are formed to share creativity, relationship, and choice.

In Genesis 2, God forms Man and breathes into him the breath of life. God gives Man dominion over the world. God gives Man responsibility for naming animals and caring for the Gods garden. Mans integrity, self-image, and sense of significant reside in his belief that He is being responsible. God notices that Man is alone. Man lacks intimacy, relationship, someone with whom to share life. Therefore, God miraculously gives Woman to Man as a gift help mate.

Woman is never given as a slave or door mat or conscience. Woman is given to help Man by sharing his dominion over the world and responsibility for Gods creation. When Man gazes upon Woman, he is stricken with a throbbing passion, a deep awe, and wonder. Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh

Call it genetics. Call it instinct. Or call it divine design. The desire a man feels for a woman is a powerful force. This passion can transform his habits, his attitudes, his values, and his whole life. It is more than sex. It is more than lust. It is a deep seated driving need to be with her.

If we look at the second and third chapters of Genesis, we find a divine design for family. Unlike most animals, God gave people the freedom and desire to create families. A man and a woman embrace each other. All other relationships become secondary. The priority becomes their marriage and home. Notice, however, this family is built not on force, control, or domination, but it is founded on a giving relationship. God gives so we give.

Gods design for marriage is summarized in Ephesians 5:21; Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. The key word is translated submit, but the true sense of the word is more accurately defined as give. Marriage partners give to one another out of respect for God in Christ. This captures the secret of marriage. Marriage is a giving relationship.

Most of the problems in marriage come from our expectations. There can be no disappointment without frustrated expectations. If we eliminate our unreasonable and improper expectations, we also get rid of our disappointments.

Why do you a wedding/nuptial/wedding ceremony? Is it not to launch/begin/start a marriage? Then as you plan your wedding/nuptial/wedding ceremony, plan your marriage. Keep in mind for you to be happy in marriage, you must forget about your rights and focus on the privileges you have to give you love and devotion freely to you partner. Love as your partner understands love.

What is the proper role of a wife? Love, honor, and respect your husband. It is your job to meet your husbands needs and help him feel you respect him.

However, a husband who fails to earn the respect of his wife makes it very hard for her to love him. A husband must work hard to care for his wife, and doing so will make it easier and easier for her to love him.

Here is a quick way to kill a marriage. Be lazy, neglect, be harsh, nag, gripe, complain, argue, demean, and disrespect your partner. Think of these as nails you use to drive into the casket of your marriage. Here is a quick way to save your marriage. Provide for, Love, honor, and respect you partner.

What is the purpose/reason/goal of your wedding/nuptial/wedding ceremony? It is to launch/begin/start a marriage. In your marriage anything demanded and received is no longer a true gift. Marriage cannot afford selfishness of either the husband or wife.

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