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Metallic Copper Wedding Accents

Metallics are a wonderful way to add a layer of richness and depth to your wedding design. Gold and silver are perennial favorites, but do not overlook the warm glow of copper when you are choosing your wedding colors. Beautiful rich copper can be used for accents throughout your wedding, such as the centerpieces, wedding attire, and even the favors.

Copper has a mellow richness that sets it apart from the more bright metallics like silver and gold. This makes copper a great choice when you are looking for a metallic than can be used in a more low-key way. Copper combines beautifully with other colors to create an attractive color palette for your wedding. Naturally, it is stunning when paired with a deep color like chocolate brown, but copper is also gorgeous with some less expected hues like moss green, aubergine, and even pink. You can also pair copper with earthy décor elements to give them a touch of elegance. It is just enough contrast to add interest, but the copper will not clash with natural materials in the way that a shiny silver would.

A great place to introduce your copper accents is the wedding invitations. For a formal wedding, a heavy ivory card stock with rounded corners would look absolutely fabulous when finished with a metallic copper border. The engraving can be done in traditional black or in a deep chocolate color for additional warmth. For the envelope linings, choose a textured copper paper.

Copper vessels make wonderful centerpieces. There are a variety of textures and styles from which to choose. A hammered copper is one of the most unique and visually appealing options. Wide open hammered copper bowls would look amazing with floating candles and flowers for an evening wedding. You could also consider copper pitchers or compotes overflowing with flowers for an afternoon wedding. If you prefer just a touch of metallic, choose clear glass vases with a metallic copper painted rim (you could even do this yourself).

For the bridal party, there are many lovely options for copper accents. The bouquets can feature flowers that are available in burnished copper tones, such as ranunculus. You can also tie a wide metallic copper ribbon to bouquets with any type of flowers. Shiny copper wire would be a unique way to bind the groom and groomsmen’s boutonierres instead of the standard green floral tape. This would be a very cool look for an autumn boutonierre featuring terra cotta roses with a sprig of hypericum berries.

Copper is also a fantastic color for bridesmaid dresses, especially in the autumn. It is a color that imparts a beautiful warmth to the skin and flatters most complexions. Another idea is to choose a neutral brown dress for your attendants, and give it some flair by adding custom copper colored bridal jewelry. The bride might want to get in on the act too, with custom made bridal jewelry in rich tones of copper or bronze, which are readily available in Swarovski crystals and pearls.

When you are looking to enhance your wedding with a metallic, copper is a richer and less predictable alternative to silver and gold. The warm soft glow of copper can be used to spice up many different styles of weddings, from rustic to ultra-formal. Paired with your favorite color, copper can add a lot of style to your wedding day.

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