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Creative Wedding Bouquet Wraps

The flowers are the star of any bridal bouquet, but it is the extra details and accents that will make it truly memorable. There are some wonderful ways to finish off a bouquet, from ribbons to beads to other decorations. In addition, the wedding bouquets can also be integrated into the reception décor after the ceremony, so it is important to give some thought to the perfect bouquet holders to show off your ceremony flowers to their best advantage. Here are some ideas for creative and beautiful bouquet wraps and holders.

The wrap for your bouquets should tie in with both the style of the flowers and with your wedding attire. It is also an opportunity to include a fun element or accent that does not quite work on the bridal gown or for the bride’s jewelry. For instance, if you are having a formal wedding, add some sparkle to your bridal bouquet in the form of a crystal brooch pinned to a luxurious satin ribbon wrapped around the stems of the flowers. It will make your bouquet extra chic and stylish. This is also a way to use a piece of family bridal jewelry that is sentimental to you.

Ribbons are certainly the most common type of bouquet wrap, but there are so many interesting varieties available that a ribbon wrap is by no means ordinary or run of the mill. The ribbons can be a fun place to add a dash of color to all-white bouquets. A ballerina pink ribbon would look romantic fluttering down the side of a bouquet of ruffled sweetpeas. Or choose a summery yellow and white checked ribbon for a bouquet of white hydrangeas to make it more casual and relaxed.

The texture of a ribbon can be a fun element to play with when designing a bouquet wrap. A crisp grosgrain ribbon in a pink and green stripe would look wonderful neatly tied around a bunch of pink peonies. For pure romance, nothing beats a feminine lacy ribbon. Any holiday wedding would be enhanced with the addition of wide velvet bows tied around the bouquets in rich cranberry or forest green. A very elegant option is a crinkled ribbon with metallic threads, such as a bronze or platinum color.

Once you have chosen your favorite ribbon, it is time to think about how you would like to use it to secure the flowers, as well as which accents you might like to add. The most classic look is to wrap most of the length of the stems with the ribbon, letting about two inches of green stem show at the bottom. You can finish it off with a big bow in a contrasting ribbon, or omit the bow for a more clean and tailored effect. A very special stem treatment is to weave ribbons together to make a unique bouquet wrap. If you prefer a simple elegance, one very wide piece of ribbon can be used to make a dramatic cuff. Some of the finishing touches to consider include pearl buttons, tiny bows in a row, or your monogram embroidered in your wedding color.

After putting so much love and care into your wedding bouquets, you will want them to be seen and enjoyed all evening. Arrange to have vessels at the reception set up to receive the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets. The more elaborately decorated the stems, the more simple the containers should be. Clear hurricane lanterns partially filled with water are an easy way to showcase beautiful flowers, as are hanging lanterns for an outdoor reception. Set them up along the entrance to the reception, on the head table, on the buffet table, or anywhere else that you could use some more gorgeous flowers at your wedding.

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