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Push Type Seeder/Broadcast Spreader

  • 80 lb carry capacity
  • Rust proof hopper
  • 10″ tires
4 Hours


Push Seeder/Broadcast Spreader Rental in S.E. WI

Rent this push seeder/spreader today from Area Rental. This push seeder/spreader allows for greater control than a tow-behind spreader. This product is useful for spreading seed, fertilizer or salt in the winter.


Push Seeder Rental Spread Salt and Seed with Ease

Whether you’re preparing your lawn for winter or seeding a new garden, our Push Seeder Rental is the perfect tool for the job. This versatile spreader can be used to evenly distribute salt, seed, and fertilizer, making it a must-have for a variety of landscaping & outdoor uses in Wisconsin.


Benefits of Using a Push Seeder to Spread Salt

  • Efficient: A push seeder can spread salt quickly and evenly over a large area, saving you time and effort
  • Even Coverage: A push seeder ensures that salt is applied evenly to your driveway, sidewalks, and other surfaces, preventing ice from forming and reducing the risk of slips and falls
  • Cost-Effective: Renting a push seeder is a more affordable option than purchasing one, especially if you only need to use it occasionally


How to Use a Push Seeder to Spread Seed or Salt

  • Fill the hopper with coarse salt or seeds
  • Set the desired spread rate
  • Begin walking at a steady pace, pushing the seeder in front of you
  • Overlap each pass slightly to ensure even coverage


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Seed & Salt Spreader Rental
Carrying capacity 80 lbs
Tire diameter 10″
Features Rust-proof hopper
  • Spread seed or fertilizer in the spring & summer
  • Spread salt in the winter

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