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Slit Seeders & Seed Spreading Equipment

Area Rental’s seeders provide excellent seed coverage promoting greener and thicker grass. Using a seeder to plant grass seed can save you time, money and effort when planting new grass. A walk-behind broadcast spreader or slit seeder disperses seeds in an even pattern, avoiding patches of dense or sparse growth and eliminating the need to spread seeds by hand or with a rake

Walk Behind Slit Seeder rentals near Milwaukee

Unit Rental Rates

4 Hours
  • 80 lb carry capacity
  • Rust proof hopper
  • 10" tires
4 Hours – $12.00
Daily – $18.00
Weekly – $54.00
Monthly – $80.00
Push seeder for grass seed, fertilizer or other seeds.
  • 80 lb capacity
  • Hitch pin for towing
  • 8 to 10 feet spread width
4 Hours – $12.00
Daily – $18.00
Weekly – $54.00
Monthly – $80.00
  • Dimensions: 39” H x 27” W x 51” L 
  • Blade Separation: 1.5 inches
  • Engine: Honda GX160
  • Engine Power: 5.5 Horsepower
4 Hours – $54.00
Daily – $78.00
Weekly – $280.00
Monthly – $540.00

At Area Rental we carry two types of seeders: broadcast spreaders and slit seeders. Broadcast seed spreaders work by throwing seeds in a wide area when you push the seeder forward. These types of seeders are useful for planting new grass onto bare soil. They can also be used to disperse seeds over the top of existing grass in a process called “overseeding”.

Overseeding is easier and less expensive but has a higher chance of letting seeds go to waste before they can germinate. Slit seeders have steel blades that slice into the grass and soil, spreading seeds in the narrow spaces that are formed. Slice seeding gives you a better chance at germination, so more of your seeds will have a chance to grow. Complete your yard work with other Landscaping Rentals from Area Rental of New Berlin and Delafield.
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