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Our Concession Rentals

Area Rental & Sales Co. LLC has been serving Equipment Rental and tool rentals near Milwaukee Metro area since 1975 with locations in New Berlin and Delafield.

Area Rental is open 6 days a week with a knowledgeable staff and a massive inventory of contractor and homeowner equipment. See our earthmoving eq too!

Hot dog roasting machine rental in New Berlin & Delafield
A Popcorn Machine with Cart Rental is a great way to add a nostalgic aesthetic to your next party or event.  The Popcorn Machine fits into pre-set holes on the cart to ensure the popper is safe and secure while in use.
The heated Nacho Machine will keep up to 10 pounds of your favorite Nachos or Tortilla Chips warm and ready to serve for your party or event rental.  With an improved spout that is heated, you are sure to get a perfect cheesy pour every time.
Perfect for smaller  events and parties, this Hot Dog Broiler holds 36 hot dogs plus a warming tray below for storing buns!   Place your hot dogs on the rotating rack and guests can serve themselves within 10 minutes and throughout your entire event.  Plug your machine in about an hour before your event to heat up the unit.
A Buffet Bar Tabletop Cooler rental has endless possibilities of uses for any party or event, whether high end or casual, this cooler can work for your food service or beverage service needs.  The dimensions of the Buffet Bar Tabletop Cooler are 48″L x 24″W and 6 5/8″ deep.
Our Rotisserie Grill is fueled by charcoal and comes with a single rotisserie rod.  Perfect for outdoor events like family reunions, picnics, festivals and more, the rotisserie allows large portions of meat to be cooked at once to feed your hungry guests.  This grill measures 2’x4′.
  A snow cone machine is an excellent addition to any summer event. Keep your guests cool and hydrated while adding a great showpiece to your party. Just add ice to this unit to create perfectly shaved ice for your cones.     Syrup and cones sold separately. 
Popcorn Machine Rental is a great way to add a nostalgic aesthetic to your next party or event.  Our Popcorn Machine Rentals have a 3 minute popping cycle to quickly provide buttery snacks for your guests.  Easy to operate, simply pour the pre-measured mix into the kettle and begin popping.
The double bowl Margarita / Slush Machine Rental is the perfect addition to any summer event rentalParty guests of all ages can stay cool and hydrated with the versatility of two bowls for a variety of flavors or a non-alcoholic Slushie on one side and your favorite cocktail on the other.
Perfect for big events and parties, this Hot Dog Warmer holds 90 hot dogs plus a tray to warm up to 40 buns!  Place your hot dogs in the steamer and guests can serve themselves within 10 minutes and throughout your entire event.
The premier in Chocolate Fountain Rentals, the Sephra brand fountain comes in a handy carrying case and includes a 20 pound box of chocolate melts which serves approximately 150 guests.  Additional cases of chocolate are available for purchase.  Add this Chocolate Fountain to your Party or Wedding Rental to add a touch of playfulness to your event.
A Cotton Candy Machine Rental will give your party a festive feeling.  Making fresh cotton candy is sure to be a show that both the younger and older guests will enjoy.  The stainless steel bowl ensures no sticking and easy clean up after the event.
The Champagne Fountain Rental has three-tiers and is available in Silver or Gold.  The lighted center tier provides ambient lighting that will really make your event sparkle. We suggest having a plate of strawberries or maraschino cherries next to the Champagne Fountain to enhance the flavor of the Champagne and add to the elegance of the party.
The Super Cooler rental is an excellent way to keep your 1/4 or 1/2 barrel ice cold at your party or event.  The double wall of insulation will keep your draft beer ice cold and insulate the ice so there will be minimal melting.
The Kegerator Refrigerated Beer Dispenser holds either a quarter barrel or a half barrel to serve your party guests your favorite brew.  The cold environment and pressurization of the Kegerator will keep your beer fresh and carbonated for several months, but if you are having a Green Bay Packer, Milwaukee Bucks or Brewers or Wisconsin Badger party, you will not need it to last that long.
A Barrel Style Refrigerated Cooler is a great rental for your next party or event.  The refrigerator style keeps the drinks ice cold with no ice!  That means no more cold and damp hands for your party guests when reaching into iced down coolers.  The stainless steel interior and exterior of the cooler offer great style and easy clean up after the event.  

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