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Snow Cone Machine


A snow cone machine is an excellent addition to any summer event. Keep your guests cool and hydrated while adding a great showpiece to your party. Just add ice to this unit to create perfectly shaved ice for your cones.  


Syrup and cones sold separately. 


Snow Cone Machine rentals are an excellent addition to any hot Wisconsin summer event.  Keep your guests cool and hydrated while adding a great interactive showpiece to your next party.  This simple treat is a huge hit with party-goers young and old alike and an easy treat for the kids after playing in a Bounce House all day.  The Snow Cone Machine is designed to sit on a tabletop and can be used indoors or outdoors, you just need access to a standard grounded plug.  Need a heavy duty extension cord?  Let us know.  This is a commercial machine and can shave up to 500 pounds of ice per hour.  After the ice is shaved, it falls into a holding compartment.  The compartment contains small holes over a drip pan so your ice will stay icy.

Need help figuring out how much ice you will need for your party.  Here is some help:

  • A half pound of ice will make one 6oz Snow Cone – so a 20 pound bag of ice will make 40 cones.
  • Each Snow Cone takes 2 ounces of syrup.  They simply won’t absorb more.
  • One gallon of syrup will make 64 Snow Cones

A few more tips to keep in mind:

  • Try to keep the machine in a shady area at your event to prevent the ice from melting.
  • Even though the ice is designed for snow cones, party guests often end up scooping some of the ice into their drinks, so plan on getting more ice than you think you will need.
  • Shave at one time only what you think you will need for immediate serving so you don’t lose much ice to melting.

Complete your rental with Snow Cone Syrup and Snow Cone Cups.  We also offer a Pump you can attach to the Syrup Bottle that will measure the syrup for you!

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