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LB White Foreman 500 DF Furnace Tent Heater

  • Fuel: Propane or Natural Gas 
  • Heat output: 500,000 BTU per hour 
  • Indirectly fired for safe, clean air 
  • This heater requires a 500 gallon propane source which may require specialty installation 


500,000 BTU Tent Heater Rental in S.E. WI

The LB White Foreman 500 DF furnace heater is your perfect heating solution for spacious event tents. Its indirect-fired design ensures that no combustion byproducts are introduced into the heated air. With versatile ducting options, this tent heater can be configured to meet diverse heating requirements, making it suitable for various upscale or extended outdoor gatherings, such as weddings and al fresco dining spaces. Additionally, these large tent heaters operate quietly at approximately 70 dB, equivalent to the sound level of a typical conversation, ensuring minimal disruption to your guests.

How big of an area will 500,000 BTU heat?

A furnace with a heat output of 500,000 BTU per hour is capable of efficiently heating an area consisting of 25,000 square feet.

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500,000 BTU Tent Heater Specifications
Fuel Propane or Natural Gas
Heat output 500,000 BTU per hour
Fuel consumption per hour 23 lbs of Propane, 500 Cu. Ft. Natural Gas
Amp Draw, Starting 35A
Amp Draw, Running 14.8A
Dimensions (in.) 92.5” x 32” x 44.5”
Minimum Safe Distances
  • Top: 3ft
  • Sides: 1ft
  • Rear: 6 ft
  • Blower outlet: 3ft
Venting Required None (Indirectly fired for safe, clean air)
Minimum Ambient Temp -20° F
Fuel Source Required 500 gallon propane source (may require specialty installation)

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