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Choosing A Present For Your Best Friend's Wedding

The wedding of your best friend is a very special event for both him/her and you. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for a really impressive present.


Find time to search what their first wedding song or dance will be and if you have the money to spare, ask an artist to do the singing for them. Put this in a keepsake box where they can keep the album and just insert your message in a letter or have it engraved on the box.


Your gift for your best friend’s wedding should not be entirely a serious one, you may give something that will make them laugh their hearts out. Let the other guests take care of the serious home gifts for the couple, you as the best friend should know what can make them laugh so give them a funky gift. You may also give the groom gift certificates for him to give your best friend and you may give a massage certificate for your best friend to treat her husband!


Bearing each other’s name, you may have two placemats embroidered for them. You may add a funny note for them so they can open their gifts with all smiles! If both of the bride and groom have green thumbs why not give them a crate for their gardening needs instead of a plant! The wood is a perfect material for you to have both of their names engraved.


The names of the new husband and wife can be made as a chocolate bar’s name instead and this is a good gift for those chocolate lover couples.


Through out their first year, they will surely have lots of funny and happy moments together, so buying them a personal calendar is also very useful and funky! Make it personalized by putting their pictures together on a spot you’d recommend them to go to on every month of the coming year. You can write their names on the sand, toothpicks on their favorite fast food table and many more for each page.


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