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The Perfect Wedding Toast

Giving wedding toasts to the groom and bride by the best man and maid of honor before dinner is served is customary at wedding receptions. As this is a one in a lifetime event, it is important to give a memorable toast, be it funny or romantic. Here are some tips to coming up with the perfect wedding toast.


Before coming up with a speech, you will need to consider the tone of the wedding, as well as the personalities of both the bride and groom. If the bride and groom have a good sense of humor, you can add in some jokes, but make sure they do not offend anyone. You should not bring up embarrassing stories or secrets or make lewd remarks. This would only make the speech uncomfortable to be listened. Some people may record the process of the entire reception on video as keepsake or even post them up on the Internet, so make sure you do not embarrass anyone.


On the other hand, if the couple is sentimental people, you can share a touching story about them. As this is a wedding, you will want to celebrate their love for one another, so make sure the story is about love. You can personalize the speech by adding stories of experiences you had with one or both of them, which should imply that the bride or groom will be a great spouse. If you have the creative resources, you can include wedding poems to describe this. Wedding poems should nevertheless reflect the tone of the wedding.


As toasts are made before dinner, you will want to keep it short and sweet. The guests will probably be hungry by the time the toast is made, so making a long toast will only keep them waiting. You should not take more than 5 minutes for a toast, and do not include unrelated contents. Make sure you introduce yourself and express what you want within that time frame. To end the toast, you will want to invite the guests to raise their glasses in a toast as a blessing to the newly wedded couple.


Lastly, remember to practice the speech, and give a trial run to good companions of the bride and groom to ensure that the content is appropriate.


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