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Is There Any Different Wedding Color But White?

Every bride wants her look great and most beautiful in her wedding. Thus, selecting the wedding dress that makes her outstanding and wonderful in her big day is the most interesting and important part of the wedding checklist. It is required to have a particular length, a particular stlyles and designs and stubbornly a particular color!


Before 1840 a lot of brides were wearing dresses that weren’t white. In fact the majority of brides were wearing all the colors of the spectrum but white! They were putting on the best thing they had on at that time and got married in that, so you can imagine how many colors they had at those weddings.


White color back in the days represented wealth and status (while now black and brown represent that, strange isn’t it?). What happened is Queen Elizabeth got married in a white wedding dress, and from then on, all the rich brides started to get married in white dresses.


It was still extremely expansive, even after World War 1, so very shortly after a famous designer company made a white wedding dress that was affordable. That doesn’t mean though that you need to ware white.


What if you like colors like baby blue? Or hot pink? They are just as soft as white, and infect have a lot more personality to them, so who said that you can’t ware them? By the end of the night you have to realize that it is your wedding, it is your moment to shine and live in a fairy-tale, even if its just for a few hours, so why not make it as best as you can? Choose the colors of the wedding dress that you love, especially after the year 2000, everything started to become more modern, and moving away from the traditional wedding-white.


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