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A Wedding Planner's Guide to Promotions

How to Take Advantage of Different Prints and Maximize Promotions

If you are a wedding planner, creativity comes natural; and your print promotional materials should reflect your talent and skill to show off what you have to offer to your target couples. There are hundreds of designs and concepts you can create with different print materials, by finding the right promo tool that fits your business, you can maximize your exposure easily and express your concepts clearly.

To promote wedding concepts, you need pictures; if you are just starting, find a good graphic designer who can follow through your concepts.

1. Catalogs: A catalog can be a great tool for the booklet-type feature can hold different images and photos at the same time. Also, the harder stock and just by the way the print is built, such material will not be easily thrown by target customers that engaged couples can refer to your promo at a later time.

2. Hang Tag Labels: If you also provide service for giveaway making, hang tags can be used to add detail and promote at the same time. By finding a signature symbol for your business like wedding bells, you can use hang tags to hang on your gifts and decorate them accordingly. Small pearl beads or glittered framings can be a possible solution.

3. Calendars: For more experienced wedding planners, you can feature your previous projects through every month of the year. Calendars are good giveaway ideas because they stay with your prospects for the whole year.

4. Menus: Menus are large enough materials to hold on a wedding planner business. You can also follow a menu content type concept where text is a mix of bold and italic fonts. One the other side, you can have the portfolio type display of your project photos.

Weddings alone are interesting and attractive to concepts to work on, and your promotions can reach much further and more effectively with unique positioning and different prints.

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