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Wedding Hair: Preparing For The Wedding

A day before the wedding. The jitters are taking over your nerves, you are scrambling to get the last-minute details to be polished and at the back of your head you are wondering if everything’s complete. What else should be done? One item in the itinerary should be your hair.

Even if there is a stylist scheduled to fix your hair on the wedding day, you still have responsibilities in making sure that it is in tiptop condition. Apparently, hair that has not been maintained won’t be as manageable and cooperative as a hair that is pampered. Here are a few tips that could help you (and your hairstylist) make the bridal look ever so flawless.

Condition. Deep conditioning is key to achieve that perfect bounce seen in movie stars’ locks. It is recommended to condition your hair a day before the wedding and follow up with a shampoo only during the day itself. Too much shininess may leave the hair to be too silky and slippery to style and handle. The hair spray or get might not be enough to hold hair together once it is too smooth.

Oil. A hot oil appointment 24 hours before D-day might be too late already, let alone inappropriate since it’s simply too late. But then ample amounts of oil may help give your hair that natural glow. Where else can you get it from but from nature? Brushing your hair does make your scalp produce more natural oil for the strands. Don’t over do it though, tend to it in the morning, before and after a shower and before sleeping.

Shine. The wedding hair holds a great pride in its shine. Brides are seen with great shiny hair, be it black or in any other shade. Sleek and structured styled hair does need the shine most, so make sure that yours shines like a star during the walk to the altar. Apply hair serum or anti-frizz wax to get those locks to glisten on the day.

Sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep does actually have an effect to the hair’s general condition. Surely, it would be too nerve-racking to get some decent shut eye during the last night that you are a single woman but then do try. At least 8 hours would be enough to de-stress you from all the preparation and prepare you for the long day ahead. Wake up the next day feeling excited, well-rested and with shimmering hair ready to be styled.

The hair might be a small part of the whole preparation process for the wedding but it still is an important detail that needs special attention. If there is one day which should never ever be a bad hair day, it certainly is not your wedding day. So look great, feel great and be great on the most perfect date of your life, with a little help from your hair.

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