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Winter Wedding Wonderland!

OK we are now in 2009 and WOW haven’t Weddings changed over the years?

We used to have weddings in churches only years ago but over the last few decades they are becoming increasingly popular in hotels and other venue locations, as has the time of year to get married.

In the last few years Winter Weddings are on the rise especially whilst we are mid flow of a credit crunch (yes I know that dreaded credit crunch!). However, money was never one to stand in the way of love hence the reason people spend so much on one day with the average wedding costing around 17,000 pounds.

Planning a Wedding during the low season (Oct-Apr) does mean that more and more people are paying less for their Wedding supplies and venues, saving couples thousands. Now obviously weather cannot be grumbled with during the winter periods but hey, we live in England what’s new? Worst you can probably expect is rain and snow!

But don’t let our English weather sway decisions for the winter months, as November can bring beautiful frosty mornings where dew falls on spider’s webs and gives a crystal like effect, and where fields look like sheets of glitter and the skies are so clear you can see forever.

Winter is also a time of happiness as Christmas is upon us and is a joyful time of year and extra decorations can be added to your Wedding either as a Theme or just to add that extra sparkle to the day.

As many couples find when organising a Wedding, things can get difficult but by planning a winter wedding you are more than likely to bag some great deals and you can practice some good negotiation techniques with your suppliers.

Remember, this is YOUR wedding day so choose and plan how you want to be.

For help in organising your wedding day , and for great tips and advice go to Fussy Wedding.

Merry Wedding Day!

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