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Wedding Etiquette 101

Wedding etiquette is an important thing to remember when attending the big event. Not only are sets of etiquette important for the well-being of an individual. These are also necessary for a peaceful and orderly event.

There are many sets of etiquette that must be used in a wedding that the guests often forget. These often come out as impolite gestures that are sometimes offensive to the newlyweds. Here are some:

• Using loud and harsh tones
Most guests are insensitive enough to talk in a loud voice even when they are only 15 inches away from the person that they are talking to. This tends to distract the other guests or disturb the ceremony proper. As much as possible, engage into a conversation by using a low and pleasant voice.

• Bringing a child
There are wedding invitations that already indicate that bringing of children is not allowed. This is because there are instances where children run around and scream out loud. Their parents have no control over them. There’s a chance that they will disrupt the ceremony.

• Smoking in inappropriate places
Show consideration when smoking. Smoke only on designated places. Do not pull out a stick and light it in a middle of the ceremony or while dinner is served. Instead, choose an open area where no one can inhale the smoke that you will emit.

• Criticizing a tradition
A wedding is one ceremony that can be filled with traditions. If there are practices and customs that are a tad unusual for the guest’s taste, it is better that the guest be remain quiet and just observe on what’s happening. Do not bash or criticize it. This is a wedding etiquette that must be kept in mind.

• Being a party pooper
A party pooper is someone who has attended the wedding but refuses to participate when the situation so requires. Be cooperative and participate in the activities during the wedding. For example, if you’re unattached, join in as the bride or groom throws away the garter or the bouquet. Do not sulk in a corner or hide under the dessert table.

• Using cell phone
Using a cell phone especially when the ceremony is on-going is a big no-no. No couple would want to look back on their special day remembering that it was disrupted by an inconsiderate guest who entertained a call while they are saying their vows.

Wedding etiquette must be taken with the guest as they come to the event. Make the event memorable for everyone by acting appropriately.

To your beautiful wedding!

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