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What's in a Wedding Picture?

Twenty years after the big event, couples would want to stare at their wedding picture and reminisce on the good times.

Pictures taken in a wedding are great reminders of what really transpired on their big day. Ideally, the documentation of the entire even must start from the time they begin with the preparation up to the very end.

Wedding planning pictures are the images that can be taken during the entire planning stage. This can be referred to as the behind-the-scene images. For example, pictures can be taken while selecting the bridal gown is done by the bride herself. Other planning rituals such as the ocular visit of the couple, the taste test for the reception and the distribution of the invitations can be included in the planning pictures.

The wedding ceremony pictures are those that are taken on the actual day of the event. There are many picture-worthy moments during this day. Almost all the “firsts” and “lasts” of the newlyweds can be captured in still images. For example, the first kiss and the first steps as husband and wife can be taken as soon as the marriage is solemnized. On the contrary, the final walk of the bride as a single woman is also a picture-worthy moment.

The reception is also part of wedding pictures. As the newlyweds and the guests let their hair down and get into the party mood, taking pictures is a must. Celebrating the wedding is what the reception is all about. Take snapshots of the guests as they give their toast or while they are dancing. Who would want to miss the happy the happy smiles on the faces of their guests? Having pictures that will display the look of the reception will also be useful later on when the couple reminisces about their special day.

As the entire event is concluded, collecting and printing the pictures are the next steps. As hard copies are produced, compiling it in a photo album in an organized matter will facilitate the viewing.
It may be said that special memories last a lifetime. However, having visuals such as pictures in order to relive makes a lot of difference. Taking photos of the events that happened during the wedding will definitely make things memorable.

Wedding pictures are essential in preserving the great memories in the special event. Make memories last forever. Capture it with a camera and take a picture.

To your beautiful wedding!

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