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A Stress-free Move Means Early Preparation

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you face in life. It ranks highly amongst bereavement, divorce, studying for exams and wedding planning. So what is the best way to prepare for moving home? Surely there must ne other tips other than packing the kettle first? Well the answer to that is start early. 10 weeks before you move you should be considering sifting out what is going with you.

Allow time to de-clutter before packing up

Before you even start thinking about packing everything to the van for hire, you need to sort out what is going and what is not, what could be sold or given to Auntie Rosemary in Hempstead, or what is going down the tip. The de-cluttering job is a task in itself and needs to be done before you start packing. So you need to give your time to do this.

It is advised to start sorting about 10-6 weeks before you move. However once it is done you will be able to see the clearly to the packing stage. Start with the lesser used rooms as these are often the ones with the most clutter: the loft or attic, garage and shed, then work through to the living areas of the house. By approaching the problem this way you also open up places to store things so it does not all impinge on your living area. As you go make sure you label everything.

Letting everyone know

Your postal address

About 6 weeks before you move you need to start thinking about letting people know about the move. In order for all your mail to find you at your new address you will need to fill out a postal re-direction form from the Royal Mail. You can access a form at your local Post Office or, if a computer isnt going to add to your frustrations, you can download one from the Royal mail web site.

Organise Van rental or van hire

If you are dealing with the move yourself ensure you employ a national van rental company which comes with good recommendations, and covers insurance. Also insure the driver feels quite comfortable with driving the size of the vehicle involved and you have a necessary driving licence to cover.

Organizations, companies, clubs

Start notifying relevant organisations such as gas, electric and water suppliers, telephone, broadband etc. (On the final day of the move you may be asked for a final meter reading). Dont forget clubs you frequent and national organisations that send information out to your current address.

At this stage packing should be under way (the least used commodities packed first), DVDs and CDs returned to libraries and track down where all the keys for the house are. It is often helpful to label your keys for the new owners.

2 Weeks before move date

Confirm your moving date and time with the van hire company and also double check your friends and family who said they will be helping are still in the country. This is the time to start packing clothes you will not be using. A useful way to do this is by using wardrobe cases which contain a handy hanging rail inside.

Prepare for the first night

Prepare a box which contains all your necessary items for the first night in your new home. Such as cleaning materials, toiletries, toilet roll, bedding, nightwear and a change of clothes. Also remember to pack essential medicines that you may need. It is a good idea to keep a separate secure box for identity documents and valuable items such as jewellery. These can be kept with you when you move.

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