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What Are Event Planner Jobs?

To those who do not really understand what event planner jobs are, they’d think it’s just an easy and probably a no-brainer job. Why it’s just about knowing what kind of event to hold, setting the venue and making sure there are entertainment, food and beverages to cover for the guests. It’s more than just that. Becoming an event planner is actually one of the most fun careers one could ever have. All it requires is a bit of skill and a whole lot of desire and passion in making every event successfully held. Being creative in order to give each and every client something completely unique with every business done with them will surely amaze them and will definitely keep coming back to do business again and again.

Event planners are those who organize and coordinate all types of event either in the corporate world like arranging meetings, conventions and business luncheons or coordinate personal events like weddings, birthday parties and family reunions. Planners should be organized, detail-oriented and assertive because event planning requires careful preparation. An event planner sometimes works just as a consultant giving advices on what food to order, how to set up the venue and basically taking over the entire affair making necessary arrangements, schedule the catering and entertainment and be on hand to manage the event staff. There are full-service event planners who sell decorations, advertising and food as well as hiring necessary contractors to run an event.

An event planner must have an above-average communication and organizational skills that has the ability to work with all types of people as well as the ability to visualize events from start to end. He should be someone who can do multi-tasking, and thinks outside the box. He should be able to troubleshoot problems and can think quickly even under pressure or stressful situations.

An event planner doesn’t really have to be a degree holder; however, it is an advantage to gain the client’s confidence if either the planner is an undergraduate or a degree holder in a related field like hospitality management, communications or business. Experience is a great advantage since most clients would certainly want to hire someone who has planned similar events or has at least planned several large-scale events. For starters, a good way to get experience is to volunteer to help plan a local event or offer to plan events like birthdays, weddings for friends and family for free. Having all these will make a planner armed enough to make a killing with events like weddings, birthdays, seminars and workshops, company parties and all other types of events.

Event planners earn various levels of pay depending on the services and products they provide. There are those who stick to more basic fee structures that are all inclusive. A flat fee could run anywhere from $ 500 for a wedding to $ 5,000 for a weekend retreat for advisory services, facility liaison time, hiring the contractors and serving staff and being on hand to attend to last minute details. Now who dares to ignore event planner jobs who could earn up to seven-digit pay?

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