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WEVA is the acronym for ‘Wedding and Event Videographers Association International’.  Videographers under this umbrella organisation are certainly not the only top class professionals you can get.  But this can be a start for your search for someone who can take the wonderful video of your wedding that will keep the day fresh in your memories for the rest of your lives.  Another way to find the right person is by word of mouth.  If you have friends, recently married, you are soon going to hear and see what sort of videos they had made for them, and how happy or otherwise they are with the result.  Then, of course, you can take a good and careful look online.  When you have narrowed your choice down, try and get them to show you examples of their work.  Look at videos that were taken at the same time of day and in a similar setting [such as indoors, outdoors] as that which you are planning for your big day.  This will give you a fair idea of how your videographer works with light, colour and backgrounds.

Discuss with him the possibility of wireless microphones for the members of the wedding group or guests who have to speak.  Remember, the audio is as important as the video.

If he can get clips of very special relatives and friends giving their views of you, the wedding, and personal messages and memories, these will be a treasure trove to show your children, and for you to re-live in your old age.

Make sure the videographer knows which people and parts of the wedding are the most important to you, so that he can concentrate on those people and moments.  Speak to the people themselves who are most likely to be highlighted in the shoot, so they can prepare themselves to slow down and take time to allow the videographer to get the shots he wants.

Arrange with your Dj and master of ceremonies that they should be very alert to the actions of the videographers, so that lighting is sufficient and flattering, and the music not too loud and suitable for what he is doing.  For instance, loud hip-hop while the videographer is trying to capture the memories of Great Grandma of your childhood just won’t work!

If you can afford it, try and have two professional videographers shoot the wedding.  This way you can get two angles to every part of the ceremony as well as the celebration.  This is a wonderful asset in such moments as the saying of the vows, the reactions of the congregation, the speeches, as well the smiles and tears that so often do not get caught.

Apart from your professional wedding videographer, encourage any friends and relatives who wish to, to take their own videos of the wedding.  The results may not always be as professional as you would like, but you never can tell what memorable moments, especially among the throng of guests in un-posed situations, that they will catch.

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