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Wedding Maid of Honor Speeches ? Easy Ways to Compose an Original Wedding Speech

Wedding maid of honor speeches are easy to make because most maid of honors know the bride and the groom well. But if you are not contented about your information about the couple, you must ask help from your other friends. And if you don’t know a lot of things about preparing your speech for the wedding, here are tips for you! Learning the tips below will help you on how to make your speech.

The first thing you must do is to introduce yourself to the audience. You tell them your relation and closeness with the bride and the groom. Most often, a maid of honor is the best friend of the bride. Hence, you will have to talk more about the bride more than the groom. In addition, extend your congratulations to the couple. Don’t forget also to thank the entire guest for making the wedding very wonderful and memorable. Following these things is necessary since all of those details compose the opening part of your speech.

The speech of the maid of honor is not totally long. Therefore, you are required to make your speech a little bit short. Instead of giving full details, you better summarize into important facts only. Furthermore, the audience will only want to know some great stories and testimonies about the newlyweds. You don’t have to make a very long narration of their love story. Keeping your maid of honor speech short but concise is suggested but ensure to make the event memorable as well.

Everybody knows that without humor or jokes, the speech can bore the listeners. If you add some funny jokes in your speech, the listener will be very pleased to listen. You will certainly make them laugh for those funny jokes. However, remember to avoid stating embarrassing or humiliating statements. Otherwise, you will end up hurting the feelings of somebody from the couple or the audience. Including decent jokes and hilarious lines can make your speech more interesting to listen to.

Following those ways is how to make good wedding maid of honor speeches. Remember that everything you say must comes from the heart to make your speech sincere, real and honest. Writing a speech has never been better without being true to your feelings and thoughts toward the couple.

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