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Wedding Planning For a Low Budget

Wedding planning for a low budget is quite easy even if it is a small budget. All you have to do is tweak some of the common ways of organizing a wedding with some nice and cheaper methods.

Here is what wedding planning on a low budget budget may consist of:

1. If you happen to have your wedding around the time of prom season, it might be a great time to go shopping for a dress. You will often find beautiful off-white and even white dresses at very reasonable prices.

2. If you celebrate your wedding in the afternoon instead of the evening, you will be able to make do with light foods (some fancy appetizers, etc.) and an afternoon tea, with little or no alcohol.

3. Instead of celebrating a wedding at a restaurant, you may want to celebrate it at your home. You can just hire a couple of your local waiters to serve the tables (pour wine, serve food, etc.). If you dress them in black pants and white shirts, you will also give a classy touch to your wedding.

4. Instead of purchasing or renting a tuxedo for the groom; the groom may just wear a nice suit instead.

5. When choosing someone for the music services, you may look around for music majors at your local universities. Hiring a semi-amateur person will cost you much less than hiring a professional band or a DJ.

6. Instead of purchasing loads of soft drinks, just make some iced lemon water, and place it on the tables in pitchers.

7. Opt for cheap meals at your wedding, with a BBQ being a good choice. If you do not want to cook yourself, you can just order something nice and tasty like Chinese food.

8. Instead of renting a limo, you can just borrow a few nice cars from your family or friends and have a few members of your family or a few of your friends “chauffeur” you to the reception.

9. Instead of purchasing the invitations, you can print your own. All you need is a computer, a printer, software and stationary that you can purchase at your local office store.

10. Instead of ordering all the floral arrangements for decorations from a florist, you can buy some nice bouquets from any large grocery store and just order your carry bouquets from the florist.

Wedding planning on a budget is an easy way to help you save a nice chunk of money on your wedding. Simply choose some of the above mentioned ways, and you will be able to easily organize a nice and inexpensive wedding. The more you choose to do yourself, the more special and unique touches your wedding will have.

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