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Easy Ways to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

With all the planning and preparation that goes into a wedding these days, your weight loss can be the last thing on your mind. However for brides-to-be who want to look their best ever in their wedding photos, there are simple solutions.

In this article then we’re going to look at some simple, common-sense steps you can implement to help you lose weight before your wedding day. Should you want to go all the way, of course, and achieve maximum results then a dedicated wedding weight loss diet is recommended, but these steps will at least get you moving in the right direction.

1) Choose Exercise

In many situations in life there is an easy and a hard way to achieve something. You could walk to the shop, or drive. You could hire a cleaner, to do the vacuuming yourself. You could walk the dog in the countryside or just let him run round the garden.

And it’s perfectly natural to just take the easiest option – that’s just human nature. But from now until your wedding day, I want you to try and do the slightly more difficult thing. Because all these little things – like taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or going out for a bike ride rather than sitting in front of the TV – can make a big difference to the number of calories that you burn and as a result the amount of weight you lose.

So remember – whenever an opportunity arises for a small amount of exercise – take it!

2) Reduce Your Food Intake

One of the reason people dislike diets is that they are often left feeling hungry. So here’s a quick and simple solution. Don’t go from your current food intake down to eating a few lettuce leaves each day. Obviously your body is going to notice and complain.

Instead, aim to just reduce your food intake by 10-20% per meal. This is so small that you likely won’t notice the difference, yet you will have dropped your carb intake by up to 20%. Every time you are dishing up a meal, just remember to give yourself slightly less. And to make life even easier, consider buying smaller plates so your plate looks just as full but has less on it.

3) Think Before Eating

Many of us eat on autopilot much of the time. We feel hungry so just grab what is easiest. Almost always this is junk food. Or we eat just because we like to – even when we aren’t hungry. A plate of “nibbles” infront of the TV, while fun, ramps up your carb intake when often you’re not even hungry.

So simply take a few seconds to think before you start eating anything. Just ask yourself if you are really hungry or not. And ask yourself if what you are going to eat is healthy or not. This simple process can be a very powerful one which allows you to more consciously control your diet.

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