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Wedding Planners – Top 5 Skills Needed to Succeed

The best wedding planners and consultants have a knack for planning wonderful celebrations and making it look easy. “How did she create such an incredible wedding?” wonder guests at yet another magnificent, well managed event. Make sure your wedding planning business is strong by focusing on 5 key areas.

1) Keep Organized and Manage Your Time
Being organized is one of the most important qualities of bridal consultants – its a necessity. Keep copies of all agreements and contracts for easy reference. Make it a system – learn or create a system that works for you. It could involve wedding planning software or just a well defined and consistently followed filing system. Whatever system you prefer, understand and follow it. Create “day of” itineraries and time lines. Being organized is imperative in pulling off a successful event and coordinating a multitude of details for each and every event.

2) Excel in Vendor Relations
Building a wide range of relationships with event professionals is invaluable. Acquiring someone’s phone number isn’t enough. Consider how you need to behave in order to receive a warm smile or a interested voice when contacting others. This includes knowing what each vendor expects from you and what each is capable of providing. Developing strong business relationships can take months or years and, like any other relationship, are built around trust and predictable results. Treat vendors with respect, send them prospects, and keep your commitments. A simple thank you can do wonders for your relationships.

3) Practice Accommodating and Assertive Social Skills
From organizing entire families for photo shoots to having a specific flower flown in from Thailand, great bridal consultants are conscientious and accommodating to the needs of their clients. You can further enhance your skills by letting your personality shine through, interacting with others in a respectful fashion, and being assertive when you make special requests.

4) Establish Expectations
Some brides expect a wedding consultant to swoop in like a fairy godmother, and make her dreams come true. Setting realistic expectations from the beginning is the best way to avoid unreasonable expectations. Work logically through the couples’ budget, and offer them guidance about where to save and where to spend. Advise them in advance of milestones for decisions and responsibilities.

5) Perform a Little Miracle Work
The role of the wedding consultant on the big day is to make sure everything runs smoothly. This could mean anything from giving the bride a pep talk to fixing a broken heel. So be prepared and ready to save the day – you just might have to. You might want to prepare your ‘Bridal Consultant Emergency Kit’ on hand for the wedding day. With a variety of items like a sewing kit, band-aids and clear tape, you’ll have the right items on hand if the unexpected occurs.

By weaving together quality resources and strong communication and coordination skills, you’ll be able to throw stellar events. Make sure you have a clear idea of the bride’s vision. Keep her special priorities and wishes at the forefront – after all, it’s her special day.

Mary W. Brophy is a writer, serial entrepreneur and creative force behind a new handbag trend – personalized logo bags Her company, Bizz Bag, Inc., gives brides and business women a fashionable way to flaunt their monograms or logos on handbags. For our best personalized gift idea for the bride, bridesmaids or maid of honor, see Wedding Jitters

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