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Wedding Photography Tips On How To Capture The Romantic Moment

Photographs before the wedding ceremony? Never. That would surely ruin the romance of the occasion and your dramatic walk down the aisle. But short on time and with no predetermined shot list, what will you do to prepare the wedding photography. Make the most of your photographer by taking a few tips from the DressesShop pros.

Choose wisely
Finding a person whose portfolio matches your aesthetic, whether formal or photojournalistic, is the most important thing. There are a lot of styles out there, so hire someone whose work you admire. Additional points to consider: If you are being married indoors or after dark, you’ll need someone skilled with a flash and low light. And although most weddings are now captured digitally, offering exponentially more shots and instant feedback, purists still swear by the soft, subtle quality of traditional film. Discuss in advance with the photographer whether negatives or digital files will be included in your contract. Some photographers won’t release them; others will offer them for an additional fee. If you do receive physical negatives, make sure to scan them and back them up to a hard drive for safekeeping.

These days photographers typically post portfolios on their websites, but a face-to-face meeting or at least a substantial phone call is critical. Bring a folder of favorite images from magazines, and browse through at least one album the photographer made of single wedding, preferably one whose setting was similar to yours. Also, pay attention to personality. You’ll be spending all day together, and your rapport will show up in the shots. Feeling a connection is a key.

Advance work
After you have selected your photographer, communicate ahead of time your priorities for the big day. Everyone is different. For some, the goal is about getting pictures of the guests, while others want more details, like table settings and flower arrangements.

Don’t expect your photographer to know what you want. A “shot list” of must-haves is one of your most valuable tools. If your or the groom’s parents are divorced, making this list becomes even more essential, since you’ll have to specify whom to include in various pictures. Beyond standard portraits of the two of you, your families and the bridal party, list images of other people important to you, from a childhood friend to a group of college classmates to a favorite aunt. But don’t go overboard. You don’t want the shoot to become a homework assignment rather than capturing the emotion and spontaneity of what’s unfolding.

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