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The Right Sequence to Prepare For a Beach Themed Wedding

This is it. He finally popped the question, or you did. You have set a date,and now you need to plan your special day. You want a classic white wedding,but you want to theme your big day with a beach theme.

How do you get started, and what can you do?

First of all, you need to locate a nice sandy beach that will accommodate the amount of people there will be in your wedding party. Call the local chamber of commerce or city hall to get permission to hold your grand party on the public beach, or if you can, try to find a private area.

Don’t forget to ask questions about concerns like candles, parking permits, or any other no-no’s there may be. Don’t want to ruin your beautiful beach themed wedding by neglecting to find out the important details, and then being told to leave.

Now that you have all the specifics of the “where,” now we need to think about the “when”.

When choosing a wedding date on a beach, make sure you understand the areas weather patterns. No one wants to be rained out on their wedding, and definitely not hurricaned out.

Check with the local news team or weather station to ask questions about past weather patterns for that area around the date you want to say “I do”, and get some options for emergency weather changes.

When planning a beach themed wedding, don’t forget Mother Nature

Having a beach themed wedding is a beautiful, romantic way to begin your new lives as a married couple. Whether it is done early morning, with the sea mist rising, or in the evening with the warm sun setting in an orange haze on the horizon, it is sure to be a wedding to remember.

Just remember to keep a light heart, and have fun with it. This is your time to shine, so go ahead and sparkle.

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