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5 Things Dont do in Your Wedding

1. Cash Bar

This is a major bad idea. Your guests have already shelled out cash for a card and gift, outfits to wear, haircuts / hair coloring, and possible travel arrangements; all for your wedding. The least you can do is let them eat and drink for free.

2. Registry Information on Invitations

Your invitation serves just that purpose, inviting guests to join in your celebration. Although it is customary for guests to bring a gift to a wedding, it is definitely not required. Let your parents and bridal party know where you are registered and let them spread the word to guests. Putting registry information on your invitations may cause someone who cannot afford a gift to decide not to come. Obviously, if you are inviting them, you would like them to attend, and would rather share their company than a gift. indian wedding traditions

3. Inviting Some Children and Not Others

Inviting kids can be a tricky situation. The easiest way to handle this is to have an “all or none” policy. If your closest family and friends have children and you plan on inviting them, you must extend the invitation to all kids on your guest list. If you are not inviting children, you have to stick to that and not allow “special” or “important” ones to attend. Another solution, hire a few trusted care givers to watch all invited children in another room or in a kid friendly section of your reception. wedding planner

4. Not Providing Cuisine Choices

Although the sound of “pineapple and apricot glazed pheasant” sounds so elegant, some or many of your guests may not agree and would prefer steak or chicken or fish. To make everyone happy, keep the pheasant and add something a little more traditional with a twist like, Italian marinated grilled chicken breast or lemon drizzled peppered cod fillet. Don’t forget, if you are inviting children, a more conventional choice may be more appropriate.

5. Singles Table(s)

Your guests may be offended by being placed at the singles table instead of with the people that they would enjoy spending time with. Just because second cousin David is single, don’t place him at a singles table, let him sit with his side of the family or maybe some of your friends that he is acquainted with. Singles tables can leave those guests feeling alienated from the rest of the folks at the wedding. Besides, do you really want him trying to talk to his family or friends four tables over? royal wedding

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