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NiftyLift 42′ Towable Lift Rental

  • Max Platform Capacity 500 lbs 
  • Operating Weight 3915 lb. 
  • Built-in Gas generator 
  • Built-in battery bank 
4 Hours


NiftyLift Towable 42′ Lift Rentals

Our brand-new NiftyLift 42′ Towable Lift is designed to give maximum reach performance with stability and control from the most compact chassis possible. By utilizing its versatile telescopic upper boom, the NiftyLift 42′ Towable Lift delivers unrivaled working outreach, especially at lower levels where it’s needed most. Hydraulically operated outriggers make setting up this platform lift both quick and easy. Weighing in at 3915 lbs. and measuring 18’ 3” when stowed this unit is light and compact enough to be easily towable. Equipped with an onboard generator, 120V outlet, and onboard batteries this lift can be used even in the most remote locations. This telescoping boom lift is ideal for tree care professionals, homeowners, and roof repair or installation. With the NiftyLift 42′ Towable Lift all jobs will be quick and easy, making it the ideal rental. 

*This item requires proof of liability insurance to rent. This is usually a homeowner’s policy for at-home use, or a business liability policy. 

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  • Working Height 48ft 
  • Working Outreach 25ft  
  • Platform Height 42ft 
  • Platform Size 4ft 7in x 2ft 4in 
  • Max Platform Capacity 500 lbs 
  • Towing Width 5ft 3in 
  • Towing Height 6ft 7in 
  • Towing Length 18ft 3in 
  • Deployed Outrigger Width 12ft 6in 
  • Operating Weight 3915 lb. 
  • 120V Wall Outlet 
  • Built-in Gas generator 
  • Built-in battery bank 

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