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LB White Tent Furnace Heater 350,000 BTU

  • Fuel: Propane or Natural Gas 
  • Heat output: 350,000 BTU per hour 
  • Dimensions (in.): 48” x 22.25” x 32.75” 
  • This heater requires a 500 gallon propane source which may require specialty installation 


Outdoor Tent Heater Rental in Wisconsin

For large tents and construction sites, the LB White Premier 350 DF furnace tent heater is the perfect heating solution. With noise levels operating at 70 decibels or less, these heaters maintain the quiet ambiance of a conversation, ensuring that they won’t disrupt your event. These propane tent heaters deliver safe and odorless heat, suitable for semi-enclosed spaces or enclosed areas with proper ventilation. Featuring a diffusing vent for enhanced comfort, a wheelbarrow-like mobility system for effortless transportation, and simple one-switch operation, LB White’s heaters offer convenience and efficiency. Don’t let the cold weather limit your outdoor space; extend its use with a heater today!

How big of an area will 350,000 BTU heat?

A furnace with a heat output of 350,000 BTU per hour is capable of efficiently heating an area consisting of approximately 17,500 square feet.

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350,000 BTU Tent Heater Specifications
Fuel Propane or Natural Gas
Heat output 350,000 BTU per hour
Fuel consumption per hour 16.2 lbs of Propane, 350 Cu. Ft. Natural Gas
Amp Draw, Starting 25A
Amp Draw, Running 11A
Dimensions (in.) 48” x 22.25” x 32.75”
Minimum Safe Distance 1ft. From sides, 6ft. From blower outlet
Venting Required 1 sq. in per 1000 BTU/hr
Minimum Ambient Temp -20° F
Minimum fuel source size 500 gallon (may require specialty installation)

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