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Oddest wedding ceremonies worldwide

Are you bored with traditional ways of holding the wedding? If yes, let’s take a look at the following weird weddings below. The list below includes the special day’s ceremony on the bike, in the supermarket, in the air or even a shark tank.


The groom Xiao Wang spent a year\’s salary purchasing 99,999 red roses for his bride Xiao Liu, on their wedding day. 999 is believed to be a good luck number in China. It was reported that 30 cars were used to take flowers to the ceremony. The groom shared his thought “I remembered that Liu loved these special roses and the idea just grew and grew. It was worth it all just to see the look on her face when she saw the cars.”


The wedding with 99,999 red roses took place in Chongqing, China


Both the groom and bride show their interest in bicycle by getting married while riding bikes throughout the city. Guests also cycle to accompany them.


Jeroen and Sandra Kippers of Brussels, Belgium tied the knot on a platform lifted up to 49 meters in the air by crane. The wedding had the participation of the officiant and about 20 guests


The wedding ceremony of Jill Stapleton had the most bridesmaids, which made it appear in the Guinness Book of World Records. She asked 110 students to be her bridemaids on June 11th, 2010. All of them wore purple dress carrying a single rose.


Jill Stapleton is a teacher at a dance school in Proctorville, Ohio


To mark the place where they first met each other, Lisa Satayut and Drew Ellis had a happy wedding day organized at T.J. Maxx store in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.


April Pignataro and Michael Curry, experienced divers from New York City, tied the knot inside a 120,000 gallon shark tank. The bride put on a white wetsuit while the groom was dressed in a traditional black one. Wearing scuba gear and mikes, they said “I do” over a radio transmitter with an officiant.


April Pignataro and Michael Curry’s wedding was held at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead in June 2010



The bride Xie Qiyun from Guangzhou, China was recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records. She wore the world\’s longest bridal dress on her special day. It measured 200 meters long and weighed nearly 100 kilos.


Xie Qiyun and his beloved groom were photographed in front of a hotel in Guangzhou


On the previous Valentine\’s Day, NASCAR-loving couple Bryan Willey and Stacee Kennedy exchanged NASCAR-style rings with tattoos at the Daytona International Speedway


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