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Cheap Vegas Wedding Guide

Almost all free-standing wedding chapel in Las Vegas has a wedding package cheap starting at about $ 200. The price of this package can be a bit ‘more or less depending on the chapel, but $ 200 is pretty standard.

Cheap Vegas Hotels

A basic wedding package usually includes a good market for 20 minutes ceremony of 15 for 10 to 30 people, a bouquet from 3 to 6 roses and the pride of correspondence, from 6 to 12 photos and music from traditional wedding.

The specific features offered by each chapelvary, so make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you make a deposit. For example, some packages used to use a bouquet of silk flowers for her during the ceremony – no fresh flowers, you get to keep.

Photography services also vary widely. Some groups give you prints and negatives, while others give a CD. Sometimes there is an additional fee for the prints and negatives or more poses. Most bands do not allow photography or Vegascameras inside the chapel, although photography is usually allowed outside.

Usually a cheap Vegas wedding packages do not include bride and groom changing rooms, Minister of the donation, or sales.

The booking is strongly recommended, but walk-ins are always welcome so long as there is an opening to the residence may be. Weekends and holidays are peak hours for Vegas chapels.

Extra Charges

All chapels Vegasrequire a mandatory $ 40 donation minister to $ 60 for their wedding packages cheap. This need for money and is not included in package price.

Most packages are subject to a sales tax of 7.5% (this is sometimes, but usually not included in the package price).

You must also obtain a marriage license ceremony will take place before the chapel in Las Vegas. It offers you receive the license for $ 55 dollars a downtown Las Vegas Marriage Bureau. TheMarriage Bureau is open daily from 8:00 am to midnight watch

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