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How To Make Maid of Honor Speeches For A Wedding

There was my sister’s wedding coming and I was invited to be her maid of honor. Didn’t want to disappointed her, I needed to ind maid of honor speeches that would be great. I wanted to make the whole family erupt in laughter while at the same time pleasing everyone with an emotional speech.


Keeping some of it a secret so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise I consulted her on some of my ideas that I felt I needed her input on. Knowing the direction of the wedding speech I should take really helped after talking with my sister, Kristin.


What To Say


My sister, who was on cloud nine at this time, had the bride speech finished months ago when she first become engaged, and our father was beginning to panic because he still needed to complete the father of the bride speech. It really helped me talk over what direction my maid of honor speech should go in because I didn’t want it to repeat what they would be saying at the wedding. Nothing is more boring than a speech literally repeated twice in front of a large group of people.


Sometimes speeches are combined so there is no mistake of repetition. I have been to several weddings where the bride and groom composed a wedding speech and delivered it together.


The Perfect Speech


When we discussed my speech we were able to remember more ideas and stories of how we grew up together. I was able to recall stories I had long forgotten and realize just how amazing my sister, Kristin, really is by brainstorming with her.


When we did talk we also were able to put together similar stories but with our own point of views on the topic to make them more entertaining and exciting. No one wants to hear the same story from the same point of view so my maid of honor speech put a whole new spin on her story.


Sharing ideas with my sister in order to put together killer maid of honor speeches really helped me out. Instead of struggling to come up with ideas I suddenly had so many that I just needed to organize them in a concise fashion. Read more about other speech examples.


My dear friend Diana Taylor has a special site with killer maid of honor speeches. You will find her tips on speaking at really helpful especially if you are stuck.

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