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Guide To Planning Your Wedding Look

When you’re looking forward to your wedding day, you’re sure to have plenty of things on your mind – from the ceremony itself to the honeymoon. However, as the bride to be, it’s likely your preparations will include making sure you have the ideal dress, make-up and hair for the big day. Knowing that all eyes will be on you means you’ll want to look your best and that means choosing the outfit, theme and style that is best suited to you.

Sometimes it’s tempting to choose the dress or look that ties in most closely with the dream wedding you planned as a child, but it’s a really good idea to keep your mind open when you’re shopping for wedding dresses and trying to settle on the style that you’re thinking of. There’s a good chance that while a big fluffy white dress is the one you’ve been dreaming of, a simple white sheath actually complements your body type better.

Spend plenty of time trying on dresses and keep your mind open and you’re sure to find the one that matches your hopes as well as suits your body shape eventually. Taking a camera with you when you go shopping is a great way to get a realistic idea of how you look in the dress and will provide you with a prompt to remind you what you did and didn’t like about each dress when you’re away from the shops.

Your make up will be another important factor when you’re walking down the aisle and posing for wedding photos, so don’t leave any of it up to chance, If you or a family member are planning to do your make up yourself, buy all of the products you’re going to use well in advance so you can get used to them and have plenty of practise applying them. The last thing you want is to choose an eye shadow that bleeds or lipstick that won’t last until the champagne. Similarly, if you’ve someone coming in to do your make up, make sure you have a t least one practise run before the big day.

Perfecting your hair do is the next concern, and if you’re worried that your locks won’t live up to your picture of perfect hair you could think about adding body with the help of clip in hair extensions. Clip in hair can be simply added to your hair and could give you the full style you want on your wedding day without you having to commit to a permanent change. What’s more, they don’t take long to add.

Whether you decide to go for an up do or you plan to have your hair flowing free, it’s still a good idea to try your planned hair style out a few times before the wedding too. Your forward planning is sure to mean you look as special as you want to on your special day.

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