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Falling in Wedding Heels

While walking down the aisle in her wedding heels, I saw a bride completely fall on her face.  As people lifted her up off of the ground, I saw that her shoes were these fantastic heels – four and a half inches high with a little stiletto heel, no platform.  They were simply gorgeous, but nobody had seen them until the second she took her fall.  I started to wonder what was a good heel height for brides.

I talked to that particular bride after the wedding and she confessed that she never wore heels that high.  She also told me she had never practiced wearing the bridal shoes since she had gotten so busy the week of.  She was so embarrassed about the fall that she didn’t come out of the dressing room for a while.  When she did, she had on much lower heels and her dress dragged on the ground a little.  People noticed, but nobody cared and nobody mentioned this to her.

For brides hoping for that extra height from their shoes on their wedding day, please be careful.  One way to go is to compromise and get something high, but not something so high that you cannot manage the heels.  Another way to go is to buy platform heels that make up a difference in the front.  Then, 4 inch heels will feel like 3 inch heels and 5 inch heels will feel like 4 inch heels.  Finally, practice walking around in the shoes that you purchase.  Do not plan to practice the week of, but make sure you practice weeks and weeks before.  This way, if you get busy like this one bride I saw, you will have the comfort of knowing that you already practiced walking in those shoes.

Wedding shoes are one of the first items that a bride purchases early on.  Although some brides wait until the last minute, this is not recommended since the dress is altered to the height of the heels.  Waiting until the last minute causes many brides to buy shoes that they like, but not ones they love.  Oftentimes, you will also spend a lot more money than previously anticipated since you run out of time.  Finally, if your wedding is not in the summer, you will find a lot less heels available in white or ivory besides the specialty bridal heels. 

If you’re a bride that loves shoes and wants to wear her shoes again and again in the future, then purchase your wedding heels early, practice wearing them, and make sure you are comfortable walking around in them so you won’t trip.

Jenny Wells is a shoe fanatic and shops for shoes more than 3 times a week. She lives in Los Angeles where buying and wearing shoes is easy since it is sunny year round. She consults for a wedding shoe site that helps brides find gorgeous and unique wedding shoes, from pink wedding shoes to the perfect white wedding shoe.

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